Track the External Roles and Interests of Business Leaders

Bar chart showing the percentage of public company executive directors with one or more role(s) at other public companies
Stay on the pulse of company directors and their external commitments at other organizations with automated notifications on role changes at a company or outside the company.

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Keeping track of your senior contacts at client or prospect organizations can be hard work but BoardEx can make it easier for you. Senior business leaders, on average, change role once every five years[1] – some moving within their existing companies, others moving on to new opportunities at different organizations.

Diversity of Experience Means Senior People Have Multiple Roles

BoardEx analysis of executive directors and non-executive directors in public companies across the world shows that:

  • 19% of executive directors at public companies have roles at one or more other public companies

Chart showing the percentage of public company executive directors with one or more role(s) at other public companies


  • 27% of non-executive directors at public companies have roles at one or more other public companies
Chart showing the percentage of public company non-executive directors with one or more role(s) at other public companies

People in senior roles often have multiple roles, not just at one company, but acting as advisors or sitting on the board of other companies or organizations as independent directors.

Moreover, this diversity in roles offers some insight into the interests and activities of your contacts such as clients or prospects.

For example, private equity firms regularly appoint their own representatives and external directors to the boards of their portfolio companies to advise the leadership team on various aspects of managing those investments. This information via an automated announcement helps you learn more about the PE representative or external director. In addition, by mapping the person to your network you can identify connections who can facilitate a warm introduction or referral to the person. In this way, you identify potential routes into the portfolio company or PE firm. If this is a person you already know, a role change or move can trigger opportunities to deepen the relationship or add another lens to that relationship.

Every move or additional role taken on by one of your contacts is an opportunity to re-engage and look for new opportunities. Your existing relationship with one person may be able to assist you in connecting with other companies. Even when there is not a new opportunity in the outside organization, the alerts give you a better understanding of your contact’s external interests beyond a single role.

Receive Updates and Announcements on People in Organizations of Interest to You

BoardEx Alerts already allow you to get updates on organizations of interest to you. This means you can receive announcements on joiners and leavers at senior roles as well as internal promotions to senior positions. Alerts are delivered in a number of ways: email, mobile notifications or view them directly within the BoardEx platform.

But BoardEx goes one step further and tells you about roles people at the organization take up outside of the organization you are following. These outside connections can be critical in expanding your network and your sales beyond your existing clients, to new clients who already know about the services you can offer.

Example of external role updates and announcements from BoardEx alerts on people at organizations you follow
Outside roles contain a note of the company you are following where the individual is also employed.


Customize Outside Role Alerts

When you have alerts set up on a specific company, or a list of companies, you can choose whether to get alerts on role changes outside the company by people employed there.

The default setting on BoardEx is to include these outside role changes, but you can override this if you wish to stay focused on changes only taking place within the company.

Image of a BoardEx outside role alert that shows the customization options

With BoardEx, you don’t just follow the organization, you follow the people managing the company, to discover the networks you never knew you had.

We help you learn more about the business leaders, board and non-board members with whom you have relationships with timely people updates. Act on alerts you receive for the next successful outcome for your organization.

[1] Figures based on BoardEx data for public company boards. Also supported by report from US Bureau of Labor Statistics and for the UK by research from LV=.

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Michael is Vice President of Product at BoardEx. Since joining BoardEx in 2008 to lead product development, Michael has been at the forefront of developing our relationship algorithms, networks, search and alerting capabilities within the platform. Michael previously worked for LexisNexis and the Financial Times in news and business information. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1996 with a degree in Computational Physics.

Michael is active in the local community where he lives in the suburbs of London – he is currently vice-chair of the Forest Hill Society and chair of the local community library.

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