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Access more intelligence than ever before with advanced reports providing you with additional data, insight, and descriptive analysis, delivered with ease for new and existing clients.

Fully customized reports to equip your decision making

BoardEx is the most comprehensive, continuously growing business technology platform, covering more than 1.4 million individuals and 2+ million organizations. Our database experts will work with you to create a custom report based on your business needs.

UK Audit Report BoardEx May 2020


Custom reports such as the BoardEx UK Audit Report provide descriptive analytics and insight to help Accountancy firms to respond to their market, clients’ needs, and manage knowledge and risk across their firm.


What executive vacancies do you need to fill? The PE Report allows for quick, easy identification of executives with the right mix of key corporate experience, whether it’s managing through an IPO, M&A transaction, or divestment.

  • Reports are tailored to fit your unique needs and include organization type and size, current and prior role responsibilities, and industry and geographical experience.
  • Reports can be produced weekly, monthly, or quarterly as needed.
boardex source data report summary


Interested in the story behind the role change? The Source Data Report provides a daily update of the sources used by our research team so you can uncover the background, context, and additional information on any role changes that you follow.

  • URL links directly to public announcements.
  • Provides details on role.
BoardEx May 2020 Network Report


Looking to see all the people moves across your entire network in one place? The Network Report delivers a complete download of your firm’s network, including employees, alumni, and contacts. It provides a simple way to export large networks, and follow changes on the people and companies you are most connected to and interested in.

  • Includes all current roles and any future announcements about your network, indicating the date of
    each role change.
  • Receive weekly alerts on the role changes of all your employees, alumni, or contacts in your network.

Equip your decision making

Discover how BoardEx can benefit your organization, amplify your network, and speed up business development.
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