Relationship Mapping

A proprietary strength-ranking algorithm helps to leverage your known and unknown connections more effectively. This network effect helps companies track their most important relationships.


between business leaders and decision makers


of global executives and the companies they lead

User Acquisitions


Find your warm connection and convert leads faster


See how you connect

First degree connections

  • First-degree connections are direct links between individuals and organizations.
  • Sometimes it’s not about who you know, it’s who your connections know.

second degree connections

  • Second-degree or indirect connections are revealed through M&A deal relationships, current or historic overlapping careers, contacts, and board overlaps.

Personal & Professional Relationships

  • Strengthen your organization’s reach by sharing your connections with your colleagues and securely adding your personal contacts to BoardEx.
  • Your secure network allows only your organization to view your organization’s connections holistically and amplify your reach.
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Corporate and Alumni Networks

BoardEx reveals the relationships held by senior employees and your alumni, helping you find referrals to the people and companies you want to reach.
Narrow down every market player using 20+ powerful advanced search filters in order to find precisely those you’re after. Then identify your strongest relationship path to them.

Deal Experience

M&A transactions reveal connections between corporate dealmakers and their advisers. Turn years of individual dealmaking connections into actionable institutional relationships for your company.

Through an integration with The Deal, transaction details provide additional layers of connectivity between you and the people you want to reach.

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The BoardEx Algorithm

  • For nearly two decades, data scientists have worked to refine the proprietary algorithms that power BoardEx.
  • Data is weighted by importance of relationship strength so the connections that are surfaced are the most actionable.
  • BoardEx maps your connections to a universe of more than 1.4 million board of directors, C-suite executives and other influential global business leaders of more than 1.9 million public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.
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in leadership teams & senior management roles

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across 1.9M+ organizations

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and the companies they lead

We identify executive leaders who don't have a profile on LinkedIn. Many are not using LinkedIn and are not likely to start soon. When we need these people we look to BoardEx
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See How You Connect

The most advanced business development solution available with more than 1.4 million of the most important business leaders and decision makers globally.
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