Spend more time on achieving your goals, and less time managing data

Inject your CRM with new and updated contacts, automate workflows and accelerate your influence.

Work Flow

Create a data-driven organization

Overcome roadblocks and succeed in your role by leveraging highly accurate data on 1.4 million executives across 2 million organizations.

Time Management

Trust 20 years of expertise

Our global team of experts can deliver solutions across a wide range of data formats and systems.


Proprietary high-performance matching software

We have refined the BoardEx Concordance process over 2 decades - the crucial starting point in creating links between datasets and driving people intelligence across your organization.

Data Integration

Inject your CRM with accurate, up-to-date data
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Your custom CRM System

  • High Quality Data
  • Private & Public Sectors
  • Expert Support
  • Don’t waste your time searching for data that may be unavailable or inaccurate in other sources
  • 350+ human researchers use proprietary technology to produce the gold standard in data quality
  • We understand how you use data, so we apply tags for easy searching
  • Details include title, focus, nationality, gender, career history, location, sector, and more
  • Track the positions that matter to you and always be the first to act on changes
  • 54,000 public companies across 200+ global exchanges
  • 1,500,000 private companies across 150+ countries
  • Have a question? Let our experts in New York and London get you the accurate info you need, and can count on
  • Phone, email, and live chat support included
  • No wasted time
  • Customer research requests are answered by expert customer success team members

The true cost of bad data

Average CRM users spect over 30% of their time researching prospects and creating profiles. This costs organizations thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

Acting on incorrect information about a person, such as role, background, or memberships, can result in:

  • wasted effort and reputation risk
  • communications blacklisting
  • alienating important relationships
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Fix Your CRM

  • CRMs work best with fresh, complete data
  • Over 1/3 of all contact data becomes outdated each year if not monitored
  • Bad data jeopardizes your reputation and email deliverability
  • On average we track and make over 27,000 changes per week to existing profiles
  • We create 2,500 new profiles per week
  • Over 20 years of expertise means we can deliver easy solutions for clients, no matter how complex the challenge

Let BoardEx replace manual data entry

Enhance data quality for customer success, marketing and business development teams.

  • Seamless solution
  • Minimal technical resource requirement
  • Benefit from a full pipeline
  • Targeted lists can be saved, so arrivals in roles you care about automatically enter as leads
  • Custom datafeeds are available in your preferred format to save you time
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With the direct feed from BoardEx and with the automation, we can quickly apply market movements and changes, so we can understand when a board member has left or when a board member joins. Now, could we do that without BoardEx? Sure, but then I'd have to hire hundreds of people to manually try to find this information and manually apply this information.
Global Head of Application Development
Large Executive Search Firm

Turn your data into a strategic, competitive advantage

Find out how we can help.

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