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Share lists on individuals with stakeholders for better collaboration on marketing, business development and investor programs and information on management and board changes at organizations including portfolio companies.

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Our lists combined with alerts remove the friction created by manual processes by automating certain tasks in your workflow. 

BoardEx helps enterprises increase collaboration between employees across teams, functions and geographies in many ways. With our latest enhancement to the Lists feature in BoardEx, our clients can now create, share and personalize lists of people for their business needs. Employees can access the information that they need on people they are tracking at their client, competitor and other organizations of interest. This may be data on a key senior contact leaving a client organization, taking up a new board appointment, or becoming a trustee at a charity. Alerts provide the means to receive information such as a role change as soon as the event takes place.

Who Uses Lists and Why?

Businesses use lists to manage marketing and business development programs and initiatives that target influencers and people in senior roles. Take NED and C-suite programs designed to nurture relationships and stay connected with business leaders in priority accounts as examples. Marketing and business development professionals use these programs to create networking opportunities around topical issues and business interests. Via buyer programs, they engage decision-makers, providing them with the right information during key points of the buying process. All these programs may take various forms such as virtual events, webinars, roundtables or individual meetings.

Apply this to investors: private equity firms and companies that buy and sell stakes in unlisted and listed companies. They want to monitor directors at potential acquisition targets and investments in their portfolio to track management and board changes. Reasons for doing so may include assessing the stability of the company – director exits in quick succession are likely to raise red flags. Or to help institutional investors research the composition and diversity of a company’s board for voting decisions or their ESG-driven investment strategies.

Access to Information is Key

Marketing and business development teams will be collaborating with other parts of the business when managing the programs described above – client relationship or account teams, partners and other senior stakeholders. While the investor ecosystem may need to share information with more than one individual or units within their organizations – corporate development, C-Suite, portfolio or investment teams. Either way, sharing the lists with stakeholders who can subscribe to receive updates on key people means they can perform the essential tasks in their workflow.

Intelligence on People on Your Lists

Marketing, business development and investment professionals also rely on intelligence about the people in their lists – critical information that converts insights into value. This involves collecting that data by compiling and processing data from various sources and then distributing it to senior stakeholders. This is often a pain point for marketing, business development and investment professionals who are arranging client, prospect and stakeholder meetings and need information ready to hand. Information also loses its relevance as soon as it becomes outdated.

Mapping Relationships from Your Proprietary Lists for Warm Introductions and Referrals

Our clients can gain further value from Shared Individual Lists by mapping their relationships to these proprietary lists to identify a path to the strongest connections to a prospect, new director, board member or key buyer.

Shared Individual Lists on Clients, Prospects, Directors and Board Members

BoardEx takes lists to the next level – alerts set up on BoardEx Shared Individual Lists not only make it easier for stakeholders to follow people on a list, but also act on any updates. Your inside sales team, partners or investor team – anyone in the chain can respond to the information and reach decisions quickly. One or a few data points on a client, target, or director at a portfolio company can be the deciding factor between closing a deal, pursuing a new opportunity or voting with consideration.

Image showing where you can find BoardEx Shared Individual Lists

Contact your Account Manager for more information on how you can create and use Shared Individual Lists in your business workflow.

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Ayasha is a member of the Product team and leads Product Marketing at BoardEx. Her professional career spans over 19 years and includes marketing B2B products, services and solutions within data services, financial services, professional services and fintech. She has an MBA from Imperial College London, an MSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics and a BA in Sociology from the University of Central Lancashire.

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