Contact Matching: Elevating Your Relationship Capital Management to a New Level

Upload your professional contacts into BoardEx for them to be matched to their people profiles.
New Contact Matching feature in BoardEx enables users to improve the way their organizations manage their relationship capital by empowering them to drive greater value through timely and relevant data and increased collaboration.

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Internal role moves, joining a new organization and networking at forums: all of these inflection points provide opportunities for you, as a professional, to build and expand your network. Following the initial interaction, you’ll forge new professional connections using various platforms, databases and email programs, before storing the contacts in these repositories until a relevant business need or opportunity arises.

However, these new and existing contacts in your network are not static. They may also change roles, leave to join new organizations, retire, or take on external or additional appointments outside their day job. As a busy professional, this does not always make it easy for you to keep track of your professional contacts or your personal relationship capital – your direct and indirect connectivity to the marketplace.

At BoardEx, we know the value of relationships in driving business opportunity and growth, from many years of working to help organizations manage and create value from their relationship capital at a firm-wide level.

With the latest BoardEx feature – Contact Matching – we are enabling our users to improve the way their organizations manage their relationship capital, by empowering them to drive greater value through timely and relevant data and increased internal collaboration.

Import, Match, Share Professional Contacts

How does it work? As a BoardEx user, you can now use Contact Matching to import your professional contacts, match them to their people profiles in BoardEx and share them with colleagues and teams. At the same time as building your individual relationship capital, this expands your organization’s network to maximize network effects, while increasing its reach across the marketplace for new opportunities through more second-degree connections.

Image shows how importing and matching contacts work in BoardEx

BoardEx users can also automatically receive and view alerts – based on publicly available information and company disclosure – with updates on role changes and future role announcements. You can use these updates to manage your network of relationships while also sharing your contacts with teams, all within the one platform.

In this way, BoardEx improves business workflows by reducing the time and effort required to keep track and maintain your professional contacts and growing organizational network. It also increases network effects and market reach through sharing and collaboration.

To sum up, our new contact matching feature enables BoardEx users to:

  • View up-to-date profiles for your contacts based on publicly available information and company disclosure.
  • Set up and review alerts to automate the process of tracking people changes and movements to help develop and manage relationships.
  • Share contacts with colleagues and teams to increase the transparency of information and collaboration.
  • Expand and amplify the reach of your organization’s network to the marketplace for wider and more relevant connections.

Find out how you can get started with Contact Matching.

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Ayasha is a member of the Product team and leads Product Marketing at BoardEx. Her professional career spans over 19 years and includes marketing B2B products, services and solutions within data services, financial services, professional services and fintech. She has an MBA from Imperial College London, an MSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics and a BA in Sociology from the University of Central Lancashire.

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