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Directly access Boardroom Insiders profiles through BoardEx

If you are both BoardEx and Boardroom Insiders client, you can now access and request full Boardroom Insiders profiles with a click of a button. 

Boardroom Insiders is an Altrata business intelligence platform that gives you access to a proprietary in-depth database of on-demand, signature dossiers, highlighting senior decision-makers personally and professionally. The new Boardroom Insiders links from BoardEx reveal detailed dossiers to discover more about their personal interests, their business objectives, quotes and recent press. This is all laid out in an easy to use and share bio format.    

Here is an example Boardroom Insiders profile: 

Click here to view the full sample profile. 

Please note: If you are only a BoardEx client, you will only be able to see redacted profiles. 

For more information on gaining access to the Boardroom Insiders dossiers, account planning tools and profile building services, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact us at 

Receive Relevant News on Individuals and Organizations

Users can now enable access to centralized news content powered by RelSci and our partners at LexisNexis on individuals and organizations that are most relevant.   

How does it work? 

Navigate to an individual or organization profile to view the latest headlines at the top of the page. 

Latest News headlines are also displayed on a new page so that users can easily view multiple headlines.  

Tip: “Load More” button shows the next headlines in batches of five, up to 100 headlines. 

Click on headlines to view the full text of the articles.  

All users will be able to view News headlines by default. For more information on how to gain access to full News Articles, please reach out to your Account Manager, or contact us at 

Please note: For users that are not interested in displaying News headlines, the feature can be turned off by Account Managers. 

Corporate Hierarchy Data is now available in BoardEx

September 28, 2020

Corporate Hierarchy data is here. Users now have line-of-sight into a corporation’s organizational hierarchy, aligning applicable parent companies with corresponding subsidiaries available on BoardEx. 

From a parent company, navigate to the Corporate Hierarchy tab on the left-hand side to see the full list of subsidiary organizations. 

To refine your list further, click “Search in Advanced Search” 

From here, you can further segment your results for the subsidiary list by selecting different filters on the left to identify regional subsidiaries.

You can also run a search to find individuals within subsidiary organizations by clicking through to the edit search page. Perhaps you are interested in seeing all listed CEOs for the Microsoft subsidiaries: 

Here you can see the CEOs and the subsidiaries with which they are associated. 

NEW: Alerting on Ultimate Parents and tracked Subsidiaries 

Users now have the ability to receive alerts on an ultimate parent and it’s tracked subsidiaries from the organisation profile page. 

Users can also follow the ultimate parent and it’s tracked subsidiaries within a list.

See how to add and follow an ultimate parent and it’s tracked subsidiaries when creating a list from the organization profile page.

In a hurry? Quick Search highlights Ultimate Parent and Subsidiaries to help you quickly find the organization you are looking for, right from the results drop down. 

Another quick tip: If you are currently researching a subsidiary and want to know who the ultimate parent is, and also understand the full scope of the organizations hierarchy, you can click on to the View Hierarchy button to directly route you to that organization’s corporate hierarchy page

Questions about how to leverage the Corporate Hierarchy data in your workflows? Reach out to your BoardEx Account Manager today 

Access Historical Data on Board and Leadership Teams

June 18, 2021

You can now access an expanded view of an organization’s past employment roles filtered by year and month.

What does that mean?

This release allows users to approach their research with a new level of granularity to identify the specific Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, Leadership Team and/or Senior Management team members present during a specific time in history.

How can I use this to strengthen my research?

Being able to understand the landscape of an organization’s Board and Senior Management teams at a particular point in history is a powerful tool. While the information is available in the public, the amount of time it takes to construct this type of landscape on your own is lengthy and opens the potential for error when the data isn’t thoroughly reviewed or validated.

The good news is, you can mitigate for these challenges by leveraging the quality of BoardEx data via our relationship capital software platform that maps it out for you, in just a few clicks.

Need to confirm Senior Management employment history for your next executive search? Curious to know the key members of a significant M&A transaction from years back to help shape your outreach? BoardEx historic Board and Senior Management employment helps you filter all the information needed to make your next strategic move.

Easy Access and Quick Results

1. First identify the organization of interest* and run a simple search.

2. Next, select the year and month to filter your search.

For more information on how to leverage this new release on your own, please reach out to your

* The platform will only return historic employment data for organizations that have a full current and past structure outlined

2020 Enhancements

Search for People in Regions for Refined Results

Advanced Search enables you to search by countries, regions and territories based on your business query. We have added new regions: Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Nordic to help you filter results by these groups – see map and region description below. You will still be able to search by the individual countries and territories within these regions:

  • Central Europe: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland
  • Eastern Europe: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine
  • Nordic: Denmark, Faroe  Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
Map showing the countries that make up Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Nordic regions.

*A Foundation Network is your predefined list of every organization on BoardEx that makes up your whole company or organization.

**A Competitor Network is the list of the organizations regard as your competitors.

Search across and confirm the entities that make up your Company Foundation Network and Competitor Network with Advanced Search network filters

Customers with a Foundation Network* can now search across and confirm the entities that make up their Company Network and Competitor Network** in Advanced Search. This makes it easier and clearer to see the coverage of constituent organizations or competitors within these networks.

Large organizations use networks to study the relationships of people in which they are interested or targeting. The global nature of your operations means that your employees may be unable to see easily what entities e.g. a member firm or a recently acquired company make up your Company Network.

The ‘Your Organizations’ filter under the ‘Organization Network’ or ‘Company Network’ will contain any entities in that network. The same principle applies to the ‘Competitor Network’ to which we have added the filter ‘Competitor Organizations’.

This enhancement will enable you to combine these network filters with the country filter to identify the location of each organization in these networks.

Please contact your Account Manager if you would like more information about the Competitor Network.

Summer 2020 Update

  • Find People with Free Text for Focused Searches. Advanced Search now allows you to search for people with direct experience or links to specific areas of expertise as displayed on their profile. The new filter is ‘Role / Description’ in ‘Individuals Categories’ of Advanced Search. This is in addition to searching using the ‘Organization Name’ filter.

  • Search by Gender Diversity on Boards. New Advanced Search filter is available to help you include percentage of women on the board in your search criteria.

  • Network engine enhancements. Significant improvements to the network engine in BoardEx mean connections now load faster.
  • New roles added to Advanced Search. Search for people with the role of Global Diversity Officer or Global Digital Officer. Learn more about the BoardEx Diversity and Inclusion data and insights in our Global Gender Diversity Report.

Spring 2020 Update

Percentage of Women On Boards in Organization Overview

See the diversity of boards in the organization overview by gender for academic research, executive research and corporate governance purposes

The pace and progress of diversity and inclusion of women in senior roles on boards varies from country to country and sector by sector. BoardEx displays the percentage of women on the board of an organization as below, where figures are available. This also appears when searching for organizations in Advanced Search, so that you can sort results by female representation on boards.


Board-to-Board Connections

New tags personalize Board-to-Board connections to identify the strongest connections using your organization’s network

View connections to company boards quickly based on contributed relationship strength, and identifying your Employees or Alumni sitting on other boards, to make decisions on who to target or the next step to take to solve business problems.

This personalizes the visual for you based on your relationships and helps you see if the individual is an alumni or first-degree contact from your colleagues.

Board-to-Board Connections reveals the connections for a board of directors of an organization to other board of directors at public, private and not-for-profit organizations.

Users of the BoardEx web platform can already visualize board connections for an organization to public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. These board-to-board relationships show where a board member is connected to other boards and shows all the boards on which the individual sits.

A star rating or traffic light rating – depending on your organization’s preference – will appear for the individual based on your personal connections or the best connection in your company, where a direct relationship connection exists. For your current employees and past employees (Alumni) we label the individuals with an ‘E’ or an ‘A’.

This chart can be downloaded for use in internal presentations and briefing packs.

Summer 2019 Update 

Private Equity Professionals Module

The BoardEx PE Module reveals key connections between the management of over 800 PE funds and their current investments, adding an extra layer of data and connectivity to your BoardEx subscription and highlighting the over 130,000 senior executives in BoardEx with links into the PE world.

PE Module clients will now be able to clearly see the PE representatives on the boards of their portfolio companies with our new PE Icon.


Homepage Enhancements and News 

The BoardEx home page has been revamped to provide data visuals and news stories using analysis based on BoardEx data.

Many of the graphs will provide direct links through to related Advanced Search results so that you can do further investigations across the data
in BoardEx.


We have enhanced the display of Top Ways to Connect to Individuals and Organizations

  • Rather than three connections, we now show up to five connections and you can scroll left/right between each connection
  • Expanding connections displays further details about how individuals overlap currently or in the past
  • Clicking on Expand Top 5 Connections allow you to see the top five connections on the same page
  • We have added the ability to print out the connections displayed, as seen on the page, when you print from your browser or use CTRL-P

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