Board Diversity

California Board Diversity Laws Make Waves

Though experts insist that California-headquartered companies won’t have difficulty finding directors from underrepresented communities as a new statute requires, the measures still have their opponents.

relationship capital managment

The Need for Close Client Relationships in Professional Services

Professional relationships have always been at the heart of the professional services industry, and this will remain true no matter the challenge. However, traditional methods of building relationships have become almost impossible amid the Covid-19 pandemic, so digitizing relationship building and making use of relationship networks has become more important than ever.

CoreLogic Ex-CEO Opposes Cannae Bid

Kennedy Enterprises, a firm run by the former CEO and chairman of the real estate data company, will vote its 1.3 million shares against a control slate of dissident director candidates nominated by Cannae and Senator Investment.

boardex healthcare diversity data

Leadership Diversity Analysis: The U.S. Healthcare Industry

Across industries, advocates and activist investors are pushing for gender diversity on boards and leadership teams. September 2020 healthcare industry data from BoardEx shows the healthcare industry still lacks female representation in their leadership teams. But that may not be indicative of what’s soon to come.

game stop business development

Chewy Founder May Drive GameStop Turnaround

Corporate boards need to go beyond superficial diversity and simply counting the number of women or people of color if they want to ensure effective corporate governance, according to a panel hosted by The Deal and Cozen O’Connor.

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