New BoardEx Report Reveals the Importance of Law Firm Alumni in Fortune 1000 M&A Deals

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GCs for One in Every Six Deals is an Alumni of the Law Firm Hired as Outside Counsel or of the Acquiring Company

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BoardEx, the leading provider of executive intelligence and relationship mapping, has released a new report Alumni Networks: Spotlight on the Legal Sector 2021, which uncovers unique intelligence on the general counsels (GCs) of Fortune 1000[1] companies.

Law firms have long recognized the value of maintaining strong relationships with former employees, particularly to facilitate future business development. As firms navigate the complex and ever-changing markets in which they compete, these insights are critical to building and nurturing powerful alumni networks. 

Key findings revealed in BoardEx’s Alumni Networks: Spotlight on the Legal Sector 2021 include:

  • General Counsels have more than 480,000 connections to individuals in leadership positions
  • Alumni networks fuel hiring decisions for M&A advisory work
  • Excluding law firms, the US Department of Justice boasts the largest number of current Fortune 1000 GC alumni
  • US law firms Latham & Watkins and Jones Day have the most current Fortune 1000 GCs in their alumni network
  • Renowned universities top the list in producing future Fortune 1000 GCs, including Harvard, Georgetown, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Upon assuming the role, the average Fortune 1000 GC had a combined 23.2 years of professional experience – 6.3 years at a law firm and a more substantial 16.9 years in the corporate or government sector

The first edition of this report was developed by leveraging BoardEx’s unique and proprietary global leadership database, covering 1.5 million board and non-board members, C-suite executives, senior leaders and professional advisors.

Alumni Networks: Spotlight on the Legal Sector 2021 offers unmatched insight into the characteristics of leading GCs, their networks and their connections to those with influential positions at major companies, making it an essential read for firms looking to make the most of their alumni networks.

Access the complete findings and download BoardEx’s Alumni Networks: Spotlight on the Legal Sector 2021 to learn more. 

About BoardEx

BoardEx is the leading provider of executive intelligence and relationship mapping solutions. Organizations trust BoardEx to identify, qualify and map connection paths to 2 million organizations and the 1.5 million people who lead them. BoardEx is a part of Euromoney People Intelligence, a division of Euromoney PLC which provides organizations with unique data intelligence that connects them with the individuals who will have the greatest impact on their goals.

Euromoney People Intelligence is comprised of three unique brands: BoardEx, RelSci, WealthEngine, and Wealth-X. We empower our clients to build greater relationships, obtain and manage their best talent and reduce commercial risk.

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[1] The Fortune 1000 companies are the 1,000 largest US-incorporated companies and companies authorized to conduct business in the US by revenue and for which data is publicly available, published annually by Fortune magazine.

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