KPMG Nomination Committees – Membership Diversity

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The KPMG Board Leadership Centre and Ridgeway Partners featured BoardEx data in a study of membership diversity of nomination committees in the FTSE 100.

For many years the nomination committee has been considered the poor relation of the other principal board committees – not receiving the regulatory attention of the audit committee nor attracting the media profile of the remuneration committee. However, nomination committees are now in the firing line with a wide range of stakeholders from investors to activists to proxy advisors all looking to hold the committee to account for issues including board skills and diversity, performance, succession planning (executive and non-executive), independence, tenure, over-boarding and disclosure.

KPMG and Ridgeway Partners have looked at the composition of every nomination committee within the FTSE100 to get a sense of their levels of diversity across gender, age and nationality. We also looked at the average length of tenure and number of members per committee.


View the full report here. 

This report originally was published on KPMG’s Board Leadership Centre. Be sure to follow KPMG on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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