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CEO moves in March 2022 - Highlights

  1. Peloton Interactive Inc. appointed W. Barry McCarthy Jr. as its new president/CEO. McCarthy is on the boards of Maplebear Inc. and Spotify Technology SA, as well as executive adviser for TCMI Inc.
  2. Wynn Resorts Ltd. appointed Craig S. Billings as its new CEO. Billings has held various roles at Wynn since 2017 including CFO/treasurer, president/CFO and nonexecutive director. Billings also serves as senior adviser for JackPocket Inc. and lead independent director for AppLovin Corp.
  3. Canadian National Railway Co. appointed Tracy A. Robinson as its new president/CEO. Robinson was previously executive vice president/division president at TC Energy Corp. for four years before assuming her new role at Canadian National Railway.

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Timing is key when it comes to staying ahead of executive moves. Converting alerts into results is lies within the scope and quality of the data behind the headline. BoardEx data sets the industry standard, focusing on delivering a detailed view of an executive’s professional profile and their network. A comprehensive understanding of an executive’s network, historic roles, deal connections (and more) are critical when crafting a successful outreach approach.​

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