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CEO moves in September 2021 - Highlights

  1. Danone has appointed Antoine de Saint-Affrique as its new CEO, replacing Emmanuel Faber who was previously ousted following investor disquiet over the performance of the Activia and Alpro brands. Antoine de Saint-Affrique is an external appointment – he previously served as CEO of chocolate producer Barry Callebaut and held senior roles at Unilever before that.
  2. Hang Seng Bank, one of Hong Kong’s largest banks and part of the HSBC group has appointed Diana Cesar to the top role. Cesar has held several roles in HSBC group companies including Head of Marketing and Wealth Management. She replaces Louisa Cheang, another female executive who took leave of absence for a medical condition and is expected to return as an HSBC executive.
  3. HubSpot. In another high profile female appointment, Yamini Rangan was promoted to CEO at the US sales software company. Rangan has held several roles in tech companies including Dropbox, Workday, and SAP, and was the Chief Customer Officer at HubSpot before being promoted. Brian Halligan, co-founder and outgoing CEO, remains as the Executive Chair of the company.
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