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CEO moves in December 2022 - Highlights

  1. Bath & Body Works appointed Gina Rosselli Boswell as their new chief executive officer. Boswell also currently serves as strategic advisor for E2Open Parent Holdings Inc, chairwoman for Counter Brands LLC, director for Geltor Inc, and limited partner for Lead Edge Capital Management LLC.
  2. Fidelity National Information Services appointed Stephanie L Ferris as their new President/CEO. Ferris has worked for the company for over two     years, serving as their president before being appointed president/CEO. She has also been a member of the board at Lululemon as well as Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. Ferris is listed as a very high net worth individual in Wealth-X, an Altrata company.
  3. Takuni Group PLC has appointed Nita Treeweeranuwat as their new president/CEO. Treeweeranuwat has worked with Takuni Group PLC since 2012. Previously she served as Vice President – Administration.  

Alerts Converted into Actionable Insights

Timing is key when it comes to staying ahead of executive moves. Converting alerts into results is lies within the scope and quality of the data behind the headline. BoardEx data sets the industry standard, focusing on delivering a detailed view of an executive’s professional profile and their network. A comprehensive understanding of an executive’s network, historic roles, deal connections (and more) are critical when crafting a successful outreach approach.​

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It's one of a few major resources that we use, and it's got great data. We know that info on there is vetted and works well.
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