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CEO moves in September 2020 - Highlights

  • Dominion Energy, the second-largest US power company, promoted former Co-COO Robert Blue to CEO in a planned transition. Robert Blue has been with Dominion since 2005 and comes from a legal background – he has a JD degree and previously worked as an attorney at Hogan & Hartson. He replaces Thomas Farrell II who remains in the company as the Executive Chair.
  • Ford Motor Co has appointed Jim Farley as CEO, succeeding Jim Hackett who retires from the company. Ford has had a pattern of high CEO turnover as of late: When Alan Mulally stepped down in 2014 Ford appointed Mark Fields who remained as CEO from 2014 until 2017, followed by Jim Hackett from 2017 until 2020. During Hackett’s tenure, Ford shares have slid by 40% and the new CEO will be under pressure to restructure operations and regain shareholder confidence.
  • Alteryx. After co-founding the company in 1997 and serving as Chair/CEO, Dean Stoecker has relinquished the role of CEO and is succeeded by Mark Anderson. Anderson initially joined the board of Alteryx as an independent director in 2018 and is a Silicon Valley veteran with senior roles at companies like Cisco Systems, F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks, and Anaplan. Dean Stoecker remains at Alteryx as the Executive Chair. Many of America’s large tech companies have a history of Founder CEOs staying in their roles a long time and concentrating their power by holding the Chair role as well (two notable examples – Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook). This trend is coming under more scrutiny by ESG funds and pressure groups that recommend the roles of Chair and CEO to be separate.
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