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CEO moves in July 2021 - Highlights

  1. Amazon.com. As announced back in February, founder Jeff Bezos stepped back from CEO duties this month, but remains with the company in an executive capacity as Executive Chair. His successor is Andy Jassy, who has been with Amazon since 1997, and who founded and ran Amazon Web Services.
  2. Glencore. Another end of an era as Ivan Glasenberg, Glencore’s CEO for 20 years, stepped down this month. During that time Glencore transformed into the fourth largest mining company in the world, having its IPO in 2012. The new CEO is fellow South African Gary Nagle, who is also a Glencore veteran, having joined in 2000.
  3. First Republic Bank. The highest profile female appointment for July was Hafize Erkan who became the Co-CEO of First Republic Bank. The move is part of a planned transition for the founder, Chairman and CEO Jim Herbert, who will move to the role of Executive Chair at the end of 2022. Erkan’s appointment makes her the 31st female CEO of an S&P 500 company.
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