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CEO moves in December 2020 - Highlights

  1. EssilorLuxottica. Francesco Milleri emerged as the new CEO following a long power struggle that began in 2018 when French Essilor and Italian Luxottica merged. Hubert Sagnieres from Essilor and Leonardo Del Vecchio from Luxottica had been sharing the top executive functions until the compromise was reached. They now have both relinquished their roles at least until the 2021 AGM – the company has not specified what will happen at that stage.
  2. Admiral Group. The highest profile female appointment is Milena Mondini de Focatiis who became CEO of the FTSE 100 insurance company. She is the first woman to lead the company and becomes one of the highest profile female insurance executives, alongside Gail Boudreaux of Anthem Inc, Tricia Griffith of Progressive Corp and Jessica Tan of Ping An Insurance Group. Her appointment also increases the number of female CEOs in the FTSE 100 to 7.
  3. CMS Energy. The S&P 500 energy company has appointed Garrick Rochow, formerly Executive VP of Operations, to the top role. Rochow is a CMS veteran having joined the company in 2003. He replaces Patricia Poppe, who is moving to become the CEO of embattled PG&E Corp as it emerges from one of the largest bankruptcies in US history.
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