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Introducing The BoardEx Diversity Network​.

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What is the BoardEx Diversity Network?

The BoardEx Diversity Network is a network that aims to highlight champions, allies and advocates of specific ethnicities in leadership roles. It comprises multiple networks of associations that represent a specific ethnicity – referred to as ethnicity association networks.

From six ethnicity association networks of Asian, Black, Latino, Middle East, Native American and Multiple Associations (a person belongs to more than one ethnicity association network), the BoardEx Diversity Network helps you surface:

  1. Over 20,000 executives, board members and senior managers with memberships across more than 2,700 ethnicity associations that actively champion ethnic diversity in various industries; and
  2. People who have received awards from organizations, recognizing their contribution to ethnic diversity in business, based on publicly available information.
BoardEx Diversity Network Salesforce Profile

Why has BoardEx created the Diversity Network?

For over 20 years, BoardEx has been collecting data about senior business leaders – their roles, career history and outside interests. This data now covers 1.5 million people, and provides invaluable insight to clients across executive search firms, banks, corporates, law firms, consultancies, and more.

Our clients are seeking ways to help their own clients improve ethnic and other forms of diversity within their own organizations and report on their progress with this change.  Recent socio-political events such have reinforced the momentum for change.

BoardEx has for years recognized the value of capturing diversity data on executives and board members, for example, age, gender and nationality.  Some countries and states have adopted a regulatory or market-driven approach or both to promoting gender balance and now increasing representation of minority groups in business. Diversity targets have also featured as a measure of progress in these approaches.

How can I use the BoardEx Diversity Network?

  • Corporate
  • Advisors
  • Research & Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Financial Services
  • Pivot your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy with insights on competitor talent – the awards, achievements and membership of ethnicity associations of the board and leadership team – within your peer group.
  • Combine internal intelligence with information on the awards, achievements and membership of ethnicity associations of senior employees using your organization’s employee network to identify areas for action to balance diversity and representation.
  • Use the ethnicity association networks for the latest insights on board and leadership diversity and knowledge of industries, functions, roles, and competitors to inform people and leadership strategies for your clients.
  • Search for a representative talent pool that exceeds the client brief and enables corporates to improve board and leadership diversity.
  • Benchmark talent, conduct peer analysis, and track people movements to advise clients on succession planning, board composition, diversity, non-board requirements and driving strategy for growth and innovation with exceptional talent.
  • Identify candidates from a globally expanding database designed for searching by unique talent search criteria including diversity and inclusion.
  • Research the backgrounds of preferred top talent as part of candidate due diligence with in-depth knowledge of the individual including their diversity associations and links.
  • Help your clients identify current and future talent from a globally expanding database designed for searching by unique talent search criteria including diversity and inclusion e.g. gender, links to ethnicity association networks and experience – clubs, charities, and activities.
  • Benchmark market position, conduct peer analysis, and track people including alumni movements around diversity to review, refine and reposition client relationship management, and bid and pitch strategies for growth and innovation to exceed client expectations.
  • Recommend associations and affiliations to not-for-profit and other organizations that champion diversity for Partners and Managing Directors to join to deepen account relationships.
  • Research and analyze information on executives, board members and senior managers in leadership, diversity and networks and integrate with other data sources for thought leadership on talent.
  • Complement academic studies and perform research on business leaders to understand diversity and inclusion in leadership, governance, compensation and networks.
  • Use as an additional data point for business development, sales, marketing and fundraising – another relational data point – to connect with the person – as part of your enterprise relationship management strategy.
  • Surface executives and board members of ethnicity associations who can help you access underrepresented groups through their links and associations to organizations that champion diversity.
  • Research the diversity of leadership teams including backgrounds and specific governance structures for companies as part of ESG initiatives. BoardEx has information on executives’ Diversity Network affiliations along with gender and nationality information.
  • Integrate leadership diversity data on companies for perspective on the culture of an organization with their diversity statement to inform investor or proxy voting decisions.

Search more than 20,000 executives with memberships across more than 2,700 ethnicity associations

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with board experience

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comprising 40% of the Diversity Network

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with public company board experience

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currently on the Board or Leadership Team at a public company

Become a Strategic Partner

The BoardEx Diversity Network is now live, but this is just the beginning. By highlighting diversity data – initially focused in the US and UK – we hope to make it easier than ever before for our clients to drive change. We have three main goals for the BoardEx Diversity Network:

    1. Champion the efforts of diversity associations to help raise awareness for groups who are historically underrepresented.
    2. Enhance the ability of companies to discover and connect with talented leaders of truly diverse backgrounds to build leadership teams, C-suites and boards that reflect their customers and wider society.
    3. Empower professionals to analyze diversity trends for workplaces in order to create transparency and accountability around different diversity attributes.

We are committed to evolving and improving the feature, and you can get involved. 

If you would like to fuel progress towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive global workplace, please let us know by sending an email to

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We collect data on people’s membership of ethnicity associations that actively champion ethnic diversity in various industries, awards they have received as well as their achievements, sourced from information publicly disclosed by companies and organizations across industries.


The association networks that make up the BoardEx Diversity Network do not aim to show the ethnicity of individuals. We do not currently track ethnicity in BoardEx for several reasons, including disclosure by companies. While disclosure is changing, BoardEx does not identify a person’s ethnicity. What the Diversity Network does is determine the ethnicity on which some associations and awards champion. This highlights individuals who may be members, allies or advocates of the associated ethnicity.
We add members to the Diversity Network daily and review network members weekly. The platform is constantly growing – on average, our 350+ human researchers add 2,500 profiles and make 27,000 updates weekly.

BoardEx’s current coverage is predominantly for the US and UK. We continuously monitor developments in ethnic diversity across the world to see where we can add information for other countries; however, ethnicity has subtleties and differs across countries and regions and some countries do not have ethnicity associations.

BoardEx manages all changes to the ethnicity association networks that form the BoardEx Diversity Network and the networks are available for all clients to view. Contact us at to discuss how to contribute your organization’s membership network for this purpose and they will be able to advise you.

Discover how you can fuel progress

Explore the enhanced power of the BoardEx Diversity Network which complements the BoardEx web platform to bring actionable insights on diversity and inclusion. 

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