Discover the power of data visualization

Explore the latest way to leverage the value of BoardEx data. BoardEx Discovery, our data visualization platform brings 20 years of proprietary data to life via dynamic dashboards, streamlining ESG metrics, tracking and benchmarking against peer groups and competitors – all in one place.

Proprietary Data Insights

Access to 20+ years of hand-curated and maintained people and organizational data, combined with powerful analytics tools, brings data to life and draws unique insights

Risk Analysis

Use BoardEx data discovery to Iidentify key organizational corporate governance gaps and ESG risk factors with line-of-sight across regions, sectors and custom peer group comparisons

Save Time & Resources

BoardEx data visualization eliminates the need for stagnant, time-consuming spreadsheets and additional resources for analysis

One-Click Reporting

BoardEx data discovery dashboard modules are easy to compile into custom analysis exports to simplify workflows and share with collaborators

Discover Key Insights via Data Visualization

data discovery tools

The BoardEx data discovery platform offers powerful insights from 20+ years of proprietary data to help you make data-driven decisions. Each dashboard offers customizable peer group analysis, capturing the data most relevant to you.

Biographical – Analyze the age and gender composition of a company’s leadership team, showcasing peer group comparisons and trends over time

Experience – Measure the experience of a company’s board and leadership team

Diversity – Understand an organization’s Total Diversity Index score, comprised of five components: age, gender, sector experience, functional experience and international experience

Governance​ – Track corporate governance related metrics to monitor compliance, assess risk or gain a competitive edge

Risk Analytics at Your Fingertips

A comprehensive view of public and private organizations’ board members and senior leadership teams helps you:

Spot succession vulnerabilities

  • Leverage the data from our Experience dashboard to identify when boards may be over-tenured, causing a potential succession risk

Easily evaluate ESG risk factors

  • Explore board and senior leadership corporate governance statistics for risk evaluation and compliance standards
  • Organizational corporate governance scoring is generated automatically based on eight parameters that analyze stats on tenure, over-boarding, independence, gender and more for each organization
  • Spot gender balance discrepancies between board and senior leadership teams
  • All grounded by BoardEx data, continuously updated, to keep you ahead of the curve
data discovery risk analysis

Leave the Timely Analysis to Us

Data discovery visualization tool

Revolutionize your approach to research with the help of data discovery and visualizations.

Eliminate time spent on bulky analysis – The BoardEx database houses trillions of data points on global executive boards, leadership teams and organizations. Discovery eliminates countless hours of people work spent developing this level of data analysis.

Save money on resources – Marketing, content, research and business development teams all rely heavily on data analysis. Access to BoardEx data discovery supplies the data they need on-demand, greatly minimizing third-party expenses for ad-hoc.

Prioritize accuracy – Exporting data for analysis tends to become stale rather quickly. Minimize data gaps and inaccuracies with our dynamic dashboards, updated daily.

Report Builder for Streamlined Workflows

Quickly tailor and configure your dashboards via one-click reporting​.

Up-to-date reporting, when you need it – Leverage our report builder functionality to easily drag, drop and export dashboard modules into a PDF on the way to your next meeting.

Collaboration made easy – Share key analytics with colleagues for clear and concise collaboration with refreshed data.

Data discovery reporting tools

Leverage Key Insights From 20+ Years of Proprietary Data

BoardEx Discovery includes data on the organizations that publicly disclose their full board and c-suite teams.


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Board Members


Executive Management 

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Bring BoardEx Data to Life

View BoardEx’s proprietary data on dynamic dashboards.  Contact us to see the power of the platform for yourself.

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