Asset & Wealth Management

Wealth managers, asset managers, and retirement players use BoardEx to create value in a fast-changing market.

Develop and extend footprint

in markets, solutions, services and sectors.


Deepen relationships

and provide leading client experiences.

hockey stick growth

Build brand and reputation

as well as managing knowledge and risk.

Executive data

350+ researchers manage our proprietary data

All BoardEx data is collected from credible, published sources and cannot be edited by users. Our team of 350+ skilled analysts research, verify and maintain millions of profiles.

27,000 existing profile updates and 2,500 new profiles created a week

Approximately 33% of the individuals are currently serving on boards of companies and 38% are either board members or part of the C-suite. Data details include current and historic roles (with start and end dates) for board positions, employment and education, and diversity. In an average week, BoardEx adds 2,500 new profiles and applies 27,000 updates to existing profiles.

Know your client

BoardEx is used for research and due diligence as it relates to a customer’s network. Download a detailed report of your customers current and former public, private and non-profit company affiliations. People profiles provide a snap shot of their most current connections.

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boardex product board connections interactive chart

Leadership research and tracking

See board-to-board connections

  • Dig deeper into the organizations and individuals you want to reach including the makeup of the board of directors, committees, C-suite, and other senior decision makers.
  • Receive alerts tracking executive movements across and within various sectors, industries, indices, and more.
  • Uncover individual historical tenure and background and industry experience.


  • BoardEx tracks membership organizations including over 1,200 diversity focused associations.
  • 120,000 women with board level experience, 34,000 of them at public companies.

Integration options

  • BoardEx uncovers connections between you and the individuals or organizations you need to reach to help you leverage your known and unknown connections more effectively.
  • Explore more than 10 billion individual connections in BoardEx. An advanced algorithm maps your connections to more than 1.4 million board directors, C-suite executives, and other influential global business leaders of more than 2 million public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.
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in leadership teams & senior management roles

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across 2M+ organizations

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and the companies they lead

BoardEx has a lot of very useful information about senior management within a company.
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