BoardEx Publishes its Annual Gender Analysis

BoardEx Publishes its Annual Gender Diversity Analysis
A detailed look at diversity trends of the world's leading markets.

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The countries chosen have mature markets where data is available, and the top index was chosen to represent each country. This was done to have meaningful comparisons and because the larger companies are the drivers for change on gender diversity. These companies are under the most scrutiny to address this issue.

Data source: BoardEx, December 2019.

Download the full report now.

Data provided by Alex Architektonidis.

About the author

Alex Architektonidis
Assistant Director of Data at | + posts

Alex is Assistant Director of Data at BoardEx. He is responsible for the operations of the BoardEx data team, focusing particularly on data technology initiatives. In addition, he leads data analytics and visualization, collaborating with marketing and external clients.

Alex joined the research team at BoardEx just as the company was founded.

Alex has an undergraduate degree in Business and a masters degree in Finance from the University of Westminster. He is based in the London office of BoardEx.

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