BoardEx Launches ‘Discovery’ Data Visualization Platform

BoardEx Discovery
Dynamic solution offers line-of-sight into critical ESG metrics, saving customers time and increasing research accuracy

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Today BoardEx, the premier provider of global leadership intelligence, released a new product offering to uncover more value within its database – BoardEx Discovery.  This solution was built to help customers save time and increase research accuracy.

data discovery risk analysis

With many different standards and levels of disclosure in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) market, it can be challenging to pinpoint the most critical insight without a visual analysis. BoardEx Discovery addresses the need for organizations to acquire transparent, accurate, and comparable data and analytics. 

This new data visualization platform brings more than 20 years of proprietary data to life with dynamic dashboards, streamlining ESG metrics tracking with peer group and competitor benchmarking– all within an organization’s existing workflows.

“BoardEx Discovery was designed to help our customers save time, simplify analysis of vast pools of data and objectively measure a company’s relative performance across major ESG themes,” said Jubayer Kalam, Head of Product for BoardEx. “Our market leading financial services clients and advisory community have been seeking a solution like this and with our extensive leadership data, BoardEx is best positioned to provide these insights in this intuitive and customizable platform.”

BoardEx Discovery customers will have access to:

  • A comprehensive view of the boards and senior leadership teams of public and private organizations to identify succession vulnerabilities
  • Customizable dashboards to run peer group analysis that measure the biographical, experience and governance differences between organizations
  • Tools to evaluate risk factors around compliance standards, diversity, independence and more
  • One-click reporting with modules that are easy to build, simplifying workflows and enhancing team collaboration

Fueled by BoardEx data, Discovery houses up-to-date leadership details that will minimize data gaps and inaccuracies with dynamic dashboards, updated daily.

Learn more about BoardEx Discovery, an innovative way to analyze the boards and c-suite teams today.

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