BoardEx has updated and enhanced more than 700,000 profiles in 2021

Data Expansion Effort Also Includes 75 million New First-Degree Connections

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Data Expansion Effort Also Includes 75 million New First-Degree Connections

BoardEx, the premier provider of leadership intelligence and relationship mapping technology, has announced a significant expansion of their global database.  BoardEx’s team of expert researchers uncovered, qualified, and confirmed detailed intelligence on more than 700,000 profiles of global executives.

In addition to these new profiles, the BoardEx Research team has collaborated with its sister company, Wealth-X to provide insights on wealth within individual profiles in the BoardEx database, expanded the BoardEx Diversity Network, updated 2021 employment changes, increased company profiles across the globe, and network maps based on employment history, deal data and IPOs.

Over the course of 2021, BoardEx has added to the more than 3 million profiles and 1 billion connections in its global dataset including:

Profiles and Connections Tied to Corporate Transactions

  • 5,100 new M&A deals
  • 1,680 IPOs, including over 600 SPACs
  • 75 million new first-degree connections

Employment and Wealth Intelligence Enhancements

  • Updated more than 147,000 employment roles
    • 74k of these were in the US
    • 50% of newly identified employment changes were outside of the US including 24% in Europe (including UK) and 14% in Asia
  • More than 200,000 individual profiles have been updated with wealth intelligence from Wealth-X including 2500 billionaires and 61K Ultra High Net Worth individuals

C-Suite, Diversity and Private Equity Network Growth

  • The BoardEx Diversity Network now boasts more than 19,000 board members, C-suite leaders and decision makers
  • Nearly 80,000 new individual profiles were added, including 12,000 C-suite leaders
  • Over 30,000 new C-suite roles globally including more than 10,000 CEOs, 5,000 CFOs and 5,000 GCs
  • Over 4,000 new private equity portfolio companies have been added along with the profiles of their board and leadership teams
  • More than 140,000 additional organizations, primarily in the US and Asia as well as other regions that are a priority to our clients

BoardEx data expansion

“This expansion provides our clients with more ways to identify actionable connections to the people and companies they need to reach,” says Florian Pixner, Chief Data Officer of Euromoney Institutional Investor’s People Intelligence Pillar which includes BoardEx. “This adds to BoardEx’s ability to enhance business development efforts, and strengthens the user’s ability to connect with future business leaders.”

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