Attribution Policy

BoardEx is delighted that you wish to share some of our content. The BoardEx Attribution Policy is in place to manage republication of our company material, and applies to the publication or distribution of all BoardEx content and data both in print and online. Any use of BoardEx-provided content and data by entities or their representatives requires adherence to the following guidelines. Use of BoardEx data constitutes consent to the policy unless otherwise indicated in superseding agreements, when reasonable.

Article Attribution

  • This includes content and data published in print or online, including newspapers, blogs, white papers, opinion pieces, etc.
  • The first mention of BoardEx in a publication includes a citation to the source and reference “Boardex, a technology solution built to unlock the network of global business leaders and decision makers”
  • Any online publication citing BoardEx research will contain a hyperlink to the company website:
  • References to BoardEx original content will contain a hyperlink to the URL of the specific content.
  • The company must always be written as ‘BoardEx’ rather than ‘Boardex’.
  • BoardEx will receive copies of any academic publication that uses BoardEx content and data. This includes limited audience publications that are not accessible by, or distributed to, the general public; they are available only to a limited audience, for example via a subscription. Copies of such publications will be provided to BoardEx in either print or electronic form.

Graphics Attribution

  • Content and data displayed in a visual representation will include a citation as “Source: BoardEx” in each separate graph or image.

Database Attribution

  • Content and data represented as a database or table in either print or online publication can be displayed according to the following guidelines:
    • BoardEx will be mentioned as the provider of the data above the database or table and include a citation as “Information provided by BoardEx.”
  • Any online publication citing BoardEx research will contain a hyperlink to the company website:

Intellectual Property – Trademarks

  • When using BoardEx trademarks such as the BoardEx logo, you may not alter any element of the trademark (elements that may not be changed include font, proportion, orientation and colour).
  • You may not use the BoardEx logo in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by BoardEx, or in a way that confuses BoardEx with another brand (including your own).
  • If you are unsure, please contact us via

Press Releases Attribution

For press releases, please include the following descriptor in Notes to Editors: “BoardEx is the most comprehensive, highly accurate, continuously growing business leadership database. Covering more than 1.8 million public, private, and non-profit global organizations and the 1.2 million individuals that lead them, BoardEx empowers organisations to leverage their known and unknown connections more effectively to advance their relationship capital strategies and move their business forward.”

Further Information

Please direct any inquiries to

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