Michael Abrahams

Michael is Vice President of Product at BoardEx. Since joining BoardEx in 2008 to lead product development, Michael has been at the forefront of developing our relationship algorithms, networks, search and alerting capabilities within the platform. Michael previously worked for LexisNexis and the Financial Times in news and business information. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1996 with a degree in Computational Physics. Michael is active in the local community where he lives in the suburbs of London – he is currently vice-chair of the Forest Hill Society and chair of the local community library.

Image of the BoardEx Diversity Network

Representing Wider Society in Business

To date, many organizations have focused on achieving gender balance across their boards and leadership teams with government support. Now, recent socio-political events are shining a powerful light on ethnic and racial diversity and for business to be representative of wider society. With the BoardEx Diversity Network, we are throwing our weight behind greater minority opportunity and better balance in business.

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