Andy McCluggage

Andy joined BoardEx in 2008 after cutting his teeth as a Software Developer in the legal industry. Since joining BoardEx, Andy has played a key role in building the suite of BoardEx products as a Development Team Leader and later as an Architect. In his current role as Cloud and Solutions Architect, Andy brings his deep knowledge of BoardEx and our clients to lead client solution architecture strategy and implementation. Andy graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from Aston University in Birmingham in 2002.

Image of data and code woven together to represent a data-driven business

Driving Insights from Data for Better, Faster Decisions

Is your business truly “data-driven”? If not, it should be. Using data analytics to generate insights for decision-making brings many benefits – including the ability to respond faster to changes in customers and the market. Start your journey to becoming a data-driven business with our three-stage roadmap.

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